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CVI (Certified Visual Inspection) AKA Bird Dog Inspection

Are you an investor?  Or do you have an investment opportunity and you want some skilled eyes to assess if whether or not it would be worth investing in?

These are important questions and fortunately our experience with Wayne County Tax Auctions has helped us to develop a "Thin Slicing" Method that enables us to take small amounts of information and pair that with experience and make some pretty darn good assumptions about neighborhood conditions, subject property key deficiencies and if whether or not based on your numbers if the deal is even worth closing.  A lot of these real estate investment opportunities are in neighborhoods with what we call walkers, gawkers' and talkers and what that means for neighborhood security and community deficiencies.  Usually a CVI is good when the home is boarded up and the utilities are off.  We also provide CVI's for home buyers that are on a budget and need to get the home inspected and need a really good deal on price point.

Here's what a CVI is:  

Certified Visual Inspection AKA Bird Dog Inspection-  It's a full blown inspection that usually has some kind of limitations due to the fact that often times the utilities are off.  However, we conduct these inspections even if the utilities are on.  The key difference is that you're only going to receive a link to the album with pictures and video and a brief summary of "Major Deficiencies" that are tagged at our discretion and may vary from house to house.  It's less work for us as far as preparing a report and it allows you as the purveyor of the CVI to have trained eyes inspect the subject property.  

We're not afraid of vacant houses and we'll even take the boards off the doors to gain access.  No neighborhood is considered "Rough"- it's just another house as far as we're concerned and we show up to get the job done.  Turn around times are super fast on these reports and if you need an experienced inspector that takes a business approach to your investment opportunity we will not hold back on sharing our expert opinion on the subject property and the merits of the deal itself.

Special pricing available for bulk orders.

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