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Do you have a commercial building that needs to be demolished? Or is your organization planning for a large renovation or expansion?  Areas of lead based paint (LBP) may be disturbed or generated for disposal and this brings into account several issues including, employee exposure, worker safety under OSHA regulations, and hazardous material disposal under EPA.

These issues can easily be managed with a preliminary lead based paint inspection.  Our inspections are designed to identify the location and presence of Lead Based Paint.  Based on these findings we will consult with you to manage the hazardous lead based paint contaminated material within your facility to ensure you're staff is protected and you're OSHA Compliant.

Employee exposure to lead based paint dust and debris can be a very sensitive issue that can open you up to severe exposure to liability.  OSHA has numerous regulations that apply to the protection of workers exposed to lead based paint.  Much of the OSHA regulations deal with worker blood testing, respiratory protection and protective gear and clothing.  It makes sense to determine if Lead Based Paint is present and what precautions should be taken into consideration during your planning phase.  This can help mitigate costs and control unnecessary exposure to liability.  Pre Closing Inspection takes a business approach to your business and we're here to help you with Hazardous Materials like Lead Based Paint, Asbestos and other Hazardous Materials.

More Insights Regarding LBP for Commerical / Industrial

The risk is so great that OSHA requires contractors to identify all materials that contain lead and forces them to conduct air monitoring if their work activities are going to disturb material containing Lead Base Paint.  This initial air monitoring is conducted on workers disturbing lead containing paint to establish exposure levels to led for those workers.  The recorded levels are then compared to two different airborne concentrations listed in the OSHA standard: the action limit (AL) and the permissible exposure limit (PEL).  Currently, the action limit is set at 30 micrograms of lead per cubic meter of air  (ug/m3) and the permissible exposure limit is 50 ug/m3.  These limits are easily exceeded, even when the paint being disturbed has a lead concentration less than the EPA limit of 0.5%.  

Airborne concentrations greater than OSHA limits trigger a variety of contractor requirements that are not even mentioned in the standard EPA RRP training classes.  Not only is ignorance of the OSHA requirements no excuse for contractors to avoid citations, inability to conduct air monitoring is not accepted as an excuse either.  If personal monitoring of activities disturbing paint with lead is not conducted by the contractor then OSHA mandates that "the employer shall treat the employee as if the employee were exposed above the PEL".

If you are a facility manager or commercial building owner by now your wheels are turning and you're beginning to see the potential for code violations, injury to your staff and other occupants as well as lawsuits for negligence.  Exposure to toxins injury claims are expensive and lawyers will be armed with medical history and factual information that could possibly expose your negligence.    Don't let it happen to you, contact us for a free consultation and let's work together to mitigate the risk and identify the hazards that may or may not exist within your facility.

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