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Cursory Lead Based Paint Consultation 

Passing the lead based paint inspection and risk assessment for compliance requirements is extremely important.  Not only does it save time it also save money.  We are allowed by State of Michigan to provide consultation services pre-inspection to our clients to help you prepare for the inspection itself.  Now, we have to stress that this is not an official "inspection". In fact, we are not allowed as licensed inspectors to test for lead based paint during a Cursory LBP Consultation because any act of testing for lead would be considered an "inspection".  However, we are allowed to explain in detail what takes place during the inspection and risk assessment process and how your subject property in it's current state is assumed to hold up to the test.  


Based on our experience and resources we can design a scope of work that should be performed that are tailored to fit your specific subject property.  Scope of work and adherence to it does not guarantee you will pass the lead inspection and risk assessment.  What it's designed to do is minimize your risk of failing the inspection and risk assessment so bad that you'll get yourself backed in a corner with maintenance items that pose a threat to your financial position and may help you to manage your resources better when it comes to being prepared for a Lead Based Paint Inspection and Risk Assessment.  

Detroit Rental Registration Issues / Scenarios

You may actually have a court appearance scheduled or a tenant that is hell bent on taking you to court so they can escrow the rent payments and withhold that money from you as the landlord.  If this is the case we strongly urge you to contact us immediately so we can dispatch to your property as soon as possible.  We are authorized to provide you with an "Engagement Letter" that states you have engaged our firm and you are "taking action" to prepare for Lead Based Paint Inspection and Risk Assessment and it is a work in progress.  We believe that this action will reflect your determination to comply with City of Detroit Ordinance Requirements and that you're a "proactive landlord" vs. being called the "slumlord" that so many tenants, courts and popular opinion is quick to attach to landlords whether they are or aren't.  We're here to help and make the difference you need.

Cursory Consultations start at $149.99 per unit and come with a complete scope of work and contractor quote to remedy all suspected issues that may hinder your ability to pass a Lead Based Paint Inspection and Risk Assessment.  As with everything else we do here at PCI Environmental we take a business approach and recommend cost effective remedies as well as qualified professionals to get the job done.

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