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Detroit Rental Registration Lead Inspection & Clearance Requirements

Here's the way it works.  If it's your first time registering the rental property even though the fine print instructions from the City of Detroit state that you need a "Lead Inspection and Lead Clearance" it doesn't expressly state that you also need a Risk Assessment.  PCI Environmental provides a combination report that will include both the inspection and risk assessment along with all of the disclosure you'll need to present to the City of Detroit BSEED Rental Registration Unit.  

Our reports are formatted so you can easily upload and email the reports to the City of Detroit's Inspectors Office in Building Safety, Engineering and Environmental Department.  Our goal is to help you pass it the first time.  That's why we offer a Cursory Consultation where we will actually send one of our inspectors out to the subject property to advise you of any deficiencies we identify that are suspected lead based paint containing areas.  By Michigan State Law and EPA guidelines we are not allowed to test during a Cursory Inspection, however based on our experience this service can save you thousands of dollars.  Let's face it, as a landlord when we show up at the property we're there to provide a service and take your money.  If you don't pass it on the initial inspection then we'll have to come back and yes, we'll have to charge you the fee.  

That's why we came up with this ancillary service to help you identify possible "Hot Zones" that should be addressed prior to the Lead Based Paint Inspection and Risk Assessment.   We've been doing it now for a while and so far our clients love it.  To order a cursory examination of your rental property contact us to schedule a time and we'll be happy to assist.   There is a small fee involved for our time but it's pennies on the dollar compared to how much money you'll save on the project.  It also gives us an opportunity to establish a relationship with you and possibly workout some special pricing for your portfolio.  We're here to help so give us a call.  

Our pricing engine is easy and we don't always charge based on a "per unit" basis like other companies.  If you have an Apartment Building or Multiple Single Family Residences we can price it out based on a square footage calculation which can cut your out of pocket costs for all of the testing and Lead Based Paint Inspection and Risk Assessment significantly.  Not just a little, a lot.  We own and operate several houses and apartment buildings so we understand cash flow challenges compounded with all of the other expenses you have to manage each month.  Pre Closing Inspection and Environmental is your guide through the Detroit Rental Registration Lead Clearance process.  You're in good hands with PCI Environmental.

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