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Drilled Well Casing Inspection w/ Camera

No stops to consider that the age of your well often determines how many years it may have left on it.  Several contributing factors such as nearby activity in the community that may be effecting groundwater tables may cause you to have to drill deeper.  Or, there could be encrustation that's affecting water quality and quantity.  Perhaps there's a crack or break in the casing that could be a possible source of contamination or potential catastrophic collapse.  Better to know then to purchase a home and then get stuck with a huge bill of around $8,000 or more to drill a new well not to mention the additional costs you'll incur for interior plumbing and retrofitting the old water supply lines into your existing system.

This service starts around $1,500.  However, if bundled with other services we can significantly reduce the price. What you can expect is a full report with pictures and video of the Drilled Well Casing Inspection.  To perform this service we require the seller's authorization in writing to perform this service.  The well casing inspection will require us to open the well head and then upon completion of the well casing inspection we will be required to chlorinate the well and run the system to flush the chlorine from the system.  This is done to prevent any contamination that may occur as a result of opening the well head.

A Drilled Well Casing Inspection with Camera will allow you as the buyer and or homeowner the following:

  • Depth of Well Casing.

  • Evidence of any encrustation.

  • Deficiencies with well casing such as deterioration and or points of entry like cracking or roots.

Call us today to schedule.  Because of the equipment, length of time involved with service and authorization of homeowner this service requires advance notice of at least 72 hours to coordinate.  Payment must be made in full in advance to PCI Environmental.

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