Sewer Inspections - Why you should never close without one.

As many of you know I'm not only the owner of Pre Closing Inspection and Air Duct Cleaning Services, I'm also a real estate investor. Most of my tenant occupied properties are in Detroit, MI. Over the years I've encountered all kinds of repairs and situations in building and rehab. One of the most expensive lessons I've learned over the years are buying houses that have sewer problems. When there is a catastrophic failure you have no choice but to dig up the yard and replace the broken drain. This can be costly usually starting around $3,500 but that's a cost for someone with a construction background that knows how to negotiate. Often times plumbing companies will charge an upwards of $10k or more. So buyer beware!

The best route of action is to avoid it all together. If you're buying a house more than likely you're buying a house that was built before you were even born. That being said there are a few things you need to check for and only our sewer inspection can give you the information you need to make the right decision. First and foremost you need to know if you have a "P Trap on your sewer cleanout and second you need to get the camera down in the drain to inspect for grease buildups, roots and other obstructions that will hinder the drains ability to evacuate waste from the household.

Normally companies like Roto Rooter charge a minimum of $65 service charge just to show up plus a fee of around $279 to inspect the drain. Pre Closing Inspection and Air Duct Cleaning Services only charges $199 when you include this service with your home inspection report. We highly recommend getting it before you close. Your inspection will include video and pictures of the sewer inspection and you will get a full write up on our findings. Older homes have clay and iron drains and these are subject to shifts in grading causing seams to buckle and give rise to grease and sanitary napkin buildups. Remember these drains are the original drains that were installed when the house was built and they're in constant use. Therefore they're extremely likely to have failures or issues you need to know about before you close. So be smart and order a sewer inspection today with our other services.

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