Detroit Task Force Using Non Paying Tenants as Bait to Hunt Down Landlords - Rental Registration, Le

City of Detroit Building Safety, Engineering and Environmental Department has organized a task force to hunt landlords by using non paying tenants as bait. Pre Closing Inspection is a State Licensed Lead Hazard and Risk Assessment company working with landlords and property management companies to help you survive the City’s latest scheme to squeeze your pockets. Call us today to schedule.

Detroit officials announced recently that they’re cracking down on landlords who fail to register their rental property. Not only will you be fined you may face criminal charges as well. Pre Closing Inspection wants to help you by coordinating your lead hazard inspection and risk assessment. Both the inspection and risk assessment are required as part of the rental registration and Pre Closing Inspection Services is working with real estate investors and property management companies in an effort to help them avoid the trappings of the City’s witch hunt for landlords.

Our reports include detailed pictures and video of any and all hazards and or potential hazards and what to do to cure the issue so that you can successfully obtain your compliance certificate for rental registration from the City of Detroit. In a recent article city officials stated that they’re concentrating on five zip codes. However, don’t wait for the task for to come knocking on your door. David Bell, the director for the BSEED stated that they’re using non paying tenants to find landlords that have not yet registered their rental property and that by August 1st of 2018 tenants will have the power to not pay their rent directly to the landlord as they should. Instead, tenants will have the power to withhold their rent and pay it into the city’s escrow account. The question stands, what’s to stop tenants from playing games with your payments? It’s not about who’s fault or who’s to blame. It boils down to who’s responsibility is it to make sure you get your rent on time?

The answer to that question is “You”. Contact Pre Closing Inspection at (313) 920-3276 and schedule your lead based paint inspection and risk assessment today. Together we can keep the City of Detroit’s task force off your back and ensure that the efforts you’re making to take responsibility for collecting your rent payments are productive.

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