What to do with those Old Windows and Lead Based Paint Hazards.

Old houses have old windows. Sounds pretty obvious, but what is haunting a lot of investors and landlords is that a lot of these old windows have toxic lead based paint and or test positive for asbestos in the old window glaze. Depending on what you've got going on I'm sure that replacing old windows may not always be in the budget. Unfortunately is seems like window restoration is a lost art and finding the skilled labor to do it may have you feeling trapped. What I mean by that is if you've got lead based paint and an ugly old window plagued by wood rot, what are you going to do?

Well, grab you note book because we've compiled a list of tutorial videos that will show you how you can take those old wood rotted windows and repair them on the cheap. Then using our EcoBond Encapsulant how you can pass your lead based paint inspection and get the clearance you need to get your rental property registered. Let's begin....

1. How to Repair Dry Rot in a Window Sill

2. How to Restore Paint on Old Wood Windows - Like the ones on that house in Detroit

3. How to Apply Window Glaze / Window Putty - Trust me all of the old wood windows in Detroit need this.

4. Beginners Guide to Repairing Old Windows - It's cheaper than buying new ones


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