Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Contaminating Your Water? Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and Genesee have known h

The data is in and it's now confirmed. PCAS are contaminating our water supply and the environment across both peninsulas of Michigan. In addition to all of the other dangers you may face in your home and work environment from lead based paint, asbestos, mold, and air quality it seems as if we just can't catch a break. PFAS or PFCs have been found in more than 30 sites in over 15 communities across Michigan and have confirmed PFAS contamination in the soil, groundwater or surface water. So in addition to our public schools in Detroit not having potable water along with the Flint Water Crisis it appears we are still slow to act. With chemical manufacturers like 3M and DuPont and some of their top customers like Municipalities, Counties and our Military buying these chemicals by the ton it's no wonder the issue keeps getting swept under the rug while hundreds of millions of dollars are being paid to settle lawsuits and keep mouths shut.

In response to this you deserve to be in the "know". Contact us today to order a Water Quality Testing and get the following:

-5 physical characteristics -7 inorganic compounds -20 metals / minerals -16 disinfectants and their byproducts -20 pesticides, herbicides, and PCBs -47 volatile organic compounds

PCI Environmental is here to help you protect your health and the well being of your family. Contact us today and we'll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. This problem is bigger than you think. Compared to the damage it's doing to peoples health the cost associated with testing the quality of your drinking water is "priceless". Fortunately we make it affordable!

Call us today 1-800-822-1724

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The data is in and it's now confirmed.  PCAS are contaminating our water supply and the environment across both peninsulas of M...

June 24, 2018

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