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Mankind has been extracting groundwater thousands of years.  Millions of Americans draw their water from wells to this day.  The technology for the most part hasn't changed and it basically works the same with the exception for jumps in technology like jet pumps and better filtration systems with the inventions and comforts brought forth by the electrical grid and science.  Here at PCI Environmental we value the fact that you're counting on us to deliver a superior service that you'll be placing your confidence in.  Water Well Systems are above all the most important system in the residence.  You use water not only to shower but also for cooking, cleaning and washing clothes.  Contaminants in water can cause serious health issues even death.  Therefore we provide a full line up of inspection services for Drilled Water Well Systems.

First we have the Water Well System Check Inspection.  This inspection focuses on the components of a Water Well System that are easily accessed during an inspection.  Everything from the Water Softner System, Water Filtration Systems, Pressure Tank, Pump Switch, Control Box, Cistern, Electrical and Well Head location.  We begin by simulating a "Peak Usage" scenario in the home to evaluate the pressure differential.  Note that a full Water Well System Inspection should last for about 2 to 3 hours and at the end of that time we will shut the pump off and allow the water to drain from the pressure tank and then check the PSI to ensure that your pump is not working overtime.  Basic Well Inspections will also calculate Static Pressure and Flow Rate.  

To learn more about a Basic Well System Inspection Contact us today.  The cost for this service is $399.99 as a solo service.  However, when you order a Full Home Inspection from PCI you will receive a $50 discount for your Basic Well System Inspection.  To learn  more about how you can bundle this service along with other Inspection Services you may be interested in please contact us for special pricing.

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